About Myself

My name is Allie. Or Alexandra. Or Alex or Lex. Whatever you like.

I’m an au pair living in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Or pretty close to there anyway. More like in a village. I really like it though–close proximity to Amsterdam and Leiden, but still quiet.

I just started writing this blog because it felt right. I’ve had other blogs before, but I had expectations for them, and so they fizzled. Now I just write about myself, things I do/that happen to me, my thoughts, etc.

And my poetry and stuff is here as well. I plan to use it for my graduate school portfolio and probably other things, so don’t go coppin’ my shit.


Or, at least I was. My name is the same, but everything else has changed.

I started to feel not so happy in that village, so I moved to Leiden for a bit and went to graduate school. I didn’t feel any happier their, in fact I probably felt worse, so I moved back to America.

Now I’m living in my grandmothers house with my mother and brothers. It’s cool. I feel happier.

I still occasionally get inspired to write poetry. I have a lot of stuff I might out on here one day.

I’m still going to school and self-teaching different things, like Photoshop, FinalCut, self-discipline, mindfulness and happiness.

I can’t complain 😀

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