Pics. Seriously this time.

Yesterday provided time for only one photo, but today the kids and parents are out at an indoor playground in nearby Domburg. It rained almost all day yesterday, and it’s been raining since like 23:00 last night. It should be sunny(-ish) tomorrow, so hopefully I can ride the bike into the town center and check it out. Anyway, that’s not very interesting. And now here’s something we hope you’ll really like:

Here, on the right, are the bike posts for the beach-goers. This was taken at like 21:30, so no one is there, but on a bright sunny day they are packed. The left, as well as behind the bike racks, are dunes where wild ponies live…

*Half an hour later*

I keep getting an ,IO Error’ everytime I try to add a second photo. Grr. Oh well, Im going to look for graduate schools. Tootles.


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