Dream(s) I

So I just want to share some interesting dreams I’ve had. I like to check out DreamMoods once and while to look up what some stereotypical things indicate, and think about the possible meanings in reference to what else is going on my life and my personal understanding of the dream. In general I tend to dream about water, fire, trees and houses a lot. And also my family and whoever else is important to me at that moment, but sometimes the people are quite insignificant.

I recently had a water dream after I decided to become a Buddhist and had a rough day dealing with my break-up. It is not particularly long or exciting as some of the others I want to share and talk about, but it’s still cool nonetheless. And Starbucks is closing soon, so I don’t have to write a lot. Here is what happened:

I was half awake once or twice during the night, and in that state I remember being conscious of an overwhelming, directionless feeling of benevolent, overarching love. It felt really… wholesome and pleasurable and just like pure joy. It was really wonderful.

When I fell back into deep sleep, I remember dreaming I was in Holland on the beach. There were large waves and people biking on top of the water and having a good time. The sky was a clear, pure-ish blue, with fluffy clouds; and the water was also a very clear and peaceful blue, with lots of foam at the waves. Everything felt very peaceful and enjoyable and light. It looked a little like this photo that I took in Holland:

The water in my dream was somehow bluer, clearer, and more active though.

I remember people riding their bikes on the surface of the water, and maybe some other sports too, but I don’t remember exactly.

Until next time! And please tell me about your dreams, I love hearing about them!


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