Hey ya’ll

I really want to write a long update, but I’ve procrastinated a lot! And also a little busy. Thursday and Saturday I was out until 5am; and I don’t really remember Friday because of all the drinking in between. Just kidding : ) I cleaned my room and packed a lot, as I’m leaving to go on holidays for a few weeks this Saturday. I’m really excited! I am really going to miss the girls though (that is, the two girls that I care for). The older one and I have just recently (after 7 months) started to bond recently; and the little one loves me and is in general adorable. She turned two yesterday and had a party and everything. I missed a lot of it sleeping off my hangover, but what I experienced was totally cute. It got her a plastic harmonic that she mostly just drools on, and some special paper and safety scissors so she can learn how to cut. She’s learned nothing so far 😛 I got the older one some gifts too, her birthday is in September. I’ll be living in Amsterdam then, so I’ll give them to her before I leave. She’ll receive a unicorn statue that she has to make herself from some chemical powder and water. Then she can add bright pink hair, glitter and paint. And some Hello Kitty gummies. She’ll love me forever.

I’m going to Berlin for a few days; then Hamburg. Both are in eastern Germany. Then I’m heading back to the west. I’ll visit a good friend that I met in England. I’ll head back to Köln for a few days on the 31st, then my new host family will pick me up by car on the 1st or 2nd. How cool is that??? So glad I can save €30!

But, my first stop is to visit my ex for a week. My guess is that a lot of people would find that terrifying, but I am looking forward to catching up. I’ve made a lot of progress regarding letting the relationship go, and the suffering has ended, so I’m just looking forward to hanging out without and pressure or whatever. Ah, it will be nice to just be friends actually! He also lives in a quiet woodsy place near Gera, so I am looking forward to a little relaxation also.

Alright, Starbucks is closing so I gotta go. I’ll update about something more interesting later.



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