Yesterday Continued

Ive reread my post from yesterday, and i have some more things to talk about…

I think that truth and being true yourself is different, though related to, being honest. I think that to be true to myself, i have to be honest first. Honest, recognizing, accomodating, about my feelings, needs, wants, thoughts, etc. If I’m not honest about what i need, want, think, etc., how can i know how or what is true for me?

Well anyway, after recognizing what i think, feel, want or need from à situation, person, myself, etc., i have to act in a congruent (as opposed to contradictory) way, especially concerning my emotional and physical feelings about something. I think i used to really intellectualize my feelings and ignore their physical manifestation. 

I think I could really write about this a lot more. Everytime i write à bit more i always get different ideas, but unfortunately ive just forgotten what i wanted to expand on. Hopefully I’ll remember and be able to write more tomorrow. 


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