Not sure what to write about today. I went to spinning class tonight, I’m totally in love with that. I still can’t remember what I wanted to continue talking about from yesterday’s/Sunday’s post.

In reference to contiuing improving my vocabulary, I still want to do it, but… I think I need to change my thinking about vocabulary and writing.

I think that using too many and or too precise adverbs/adjectives is conunter productive to good writing.

In a most of the good books I’ve read, the author has “shown” versus “told” what is occuring in a moment, happening to a character, etc.

Instead of telling the reader “The ambience changed dramatically”, I like to show (or be shown) that “the air thickened and felt like a consuming fog”‘ etc. I think the latter is more tangible, involving, relatable, emotional, stuff like that. I find it to be easier to feel and be drawn into the latter, whereas the former feeks a bit more… I want to say boring, but that’s not clear or qualifing enough.

Hum, I’ll muse on it a bit, but I’m quite tired, so goodnight.


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