Whoever the new subscriber(s) to my blog are, thanks! Woo, it’s so exciting to have new followers!

Hum, well there is (as always) a lot of stuff I could write about today, but I need to prep for it a bit. So I’ll just share some music/artists I found recently. Maybe you’ll like them too…

I heard this in the car ride from Cologne to Amsterdam. It almost made me cry… I probably would have if there wasn’t another person in the car. The lyrics just remind(ed) me so much of my ex. Ha, I actually avoided listening to it for a while despite the intoxicating sounds. Then one day I just decided to confront it and listened for like an hour. Now it doesn’t bother me so much. The song still reminds me of the relationship, but it’s not as painful. My ex doesn’t reject me, we talk often. I think I was bothered by it before because he was glad when it was over, and I felt really worthless. You bastard. (Just kidding).

This I found from her feature in the Gotye video. I think I’m going to cut/style my hair similar to this video as well. I’d just have to trim up the back, make sure it’s all even around the sides, and make a larger bang. If you know what I look like, tell me how you think that would work out.

This is just awsome. Facebook recommended it after I “Liked” Gotye, and they were right. Go figure.



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