My  host mother has some sort of intuition-like connection or feelings. Or at least she thinks she does. The first time she laid eyes on her future husband, she knew he would be the father of her children. Once and a while she goes to an evening where a medium will contact ghosts or spirits, hoping this will eventually somehow offer her guidance. She informed me that her husband could once sense when people were going to die, and that sometimes he dreams about earthquakes before they happen. The he doesn’t anymore, because “he’s closed to that.”

I don’t know how much of that is true or possible, at least not in the way everyone normally thinks about things like that. I don’t think it has anything to do with tuning into an invisible force or energy or divinity, but something closer to tuning into oneself and the world around them. Either way, I do admit that I am envious of those sorts of experiences. I’ve never met anyone or been in a situation (that I can recall anyway) where I simply met someone or looked at them and felt an overwhelming mutual attraction or drawn to them in a non-sexual way. If this has happened before, it’s guaranteed that I killed the emotion with thoughts.

It’s a habit I have a love-hate relationship with, but I guess that goes for most things.

Anyway, on the 10th of December I went and met some German-speaking folk. I really miss speaking German all the time, and it was soooo nice finally getting to practice that again. I was definitely rusty though. I ended up chatting quite a bit with 2 Austrians and 1 Düsseldorferin, mostly in English though. Their German is to advanced for me!

It turns out all 3 of them are open to “spiritual” things. I was speaking to the Düsseldorferin about something when a break in our conversation came. I asked the other two what they were talking about: “colors and their meanings.” I know a little about this, but only from like a scientific/cultural perspective, for example: red/orange/yellow are stimulating colors and might increase productivity or activate your appetite; blue is relaxing/calming/clear and is also recommended for appetite suppression (mold–bad food–is often blue and so we have a natural aversion. BLUEBERRIES ARE FUCKING PURPLE. AND EVEN IF THEY ARE A LITTLE BLUE-ISH, THEY’RE THE ONLY EXAMPLE.), etc.

Anyway, they were talking about…well…I’ll just try to explain it well and hope I’m doing justice. (It was like a week ago.) Anyway, I think the woman said she is a spiritual/energy medium and she can read or see colors. I think I asked if she was referring to auras, and she said no. Maybe she means a color that she feels/sees/associates with or to them somehow. Anyway, her and the other person talk about how that color and its meanings might be important for that person’s life at the moment.

I was/am the only skeptic.

And now you have to wait until tomorrow for the rest of the story, ’cause I’m tired. Haha!



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