Story Part III

After I drop my lipstick off we go and take seats in the front row. For the first half, we are both just sitting there doing nothing. Inge translates for me for a little while, but I think we both get bored with that and so we just sit. She can at least understand everything, I’m just drifting in and out of thought and picking up small Dutch words.

Anyway, the guy takes a break, and so everyone gets something to drink/eat. When he comes back, ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE. Not really, but it does get more interesting from there.

He points at me and asks “What is your number?” “Mine?” I’m pretty surprised, but also giddy, that he just pointed at me and asked for my number.

Oh, I’m reading my last post and this number thing isn’t explained very well. Each ticket has number printed on each half. Inge got ticket number 33 and I had 34. I put my lipstick and half the ticket with the number printed on it on one of those stacks and then we just sit and listen for a bit.

Then he tells me all these things (copied from notes I and another lady took):

  • Start making choices for myself (as opposed to choosing because of others, I guess) and follow/listen to my “instinct” more in life. Do not listen to others. I’m at a crossroads now, and I need to follow my heart and not my head. I need to take charge of my life (!!). It’s very important that I choose a course of study that feels really good to me; education in general is very important. One of my cards is a bat: a bat follows instinct and heart, and I have to do the same. My decisions have to come from my heart.
  • Now is a time of spiritual growth.
  • Finish “something” with my father. There are ‘blocked’ feelings inside of me that have to come out, but it is important to take it slow and listen to my inner self. Anything that goes too quickly in my life is harmful.
  • My grandfather is trying to reach me.–why? There was nothing negative between my maternal grandfather and I when he died. Hum, I’ll tell that story later…
  • Love is very important to me, but there are not enough people around me who love me intensely, strongly. All of my close friends and family are in America. I should contact them more!

Here are my cards with a description of each:

Rebirth, depth, intuition, sensitivity, dreaming, vision. The leader of the paranormalavod said that bats sense and survive in their surroundings using only their instincts and sounds, because they have no eyes. “The Card Lover” blog quotes a book that describes the bat as being able to cut through illusion and ambiguity and see the truth in a matter. Bats’ natural habitat are caves, that are a bit like wombs.

From Wikipedia: The queen embodies basic instinct/intuition, inward focus and feminine, nurturing inviting personality. Represents a vivacious and warm personality full of fiery passion put to the service of encouraging assuring, attracting, esteem, and enthusiasm. Her topless thrown indicates endless possibilities; lions, her golden robes  and the desert behind her shows strength and strongly burning fire. Rocks indicates toughness, strong soul, independence. The sunflower she is holding is heliotrophic: following the sun. Her clothing lack animal portrayals, indicating her simplicity/natural self that’s always displayed. “Must think of the consequences of what you do, but that you must focus on what will get you moving and how to do it.” Directness, spontaneity and independence are very special talents that others admire, as long as you accept that others are your polar opposite. Don’t get tricked into becoming impatient. If the sun “shines” in your heart, you can overcome your fears and walk your own path. “Approach your tasks as steps and take every one of them with assurance (quote of Evelin Burger and Johannes Fiebag)”

There are two more cards, but my brain is feeling tired. So I’m going to Skype with my grandmother for like 5 minutes and then go to sleep. I’ll try to finish tomorrow or Friday. Goodnight 🙂



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