It’s 2012 y’all! New Year’s Dream

4-5th Jan 2012

I was in a sort of lodging place. Everything was brown and yellow and redish…woodsy. I’m in a living-room type area, and there is like a half (lengthwise) wall. I can see around the corner a bit, into a kitchen area. There is a couch to the left and right of the doorway. They are low and old, probably also brown. I don’t know. I find a man’s type (the kind that are square when folded as opposed to a rectangle) wallet, also brown. I opened it and there were a few pictures of me inside. I think photos were of me when I was younger, but not like a kid…I think there was something official in there, like an old school ID card or something. I remember  not being interested in his money/not looking at it for some reason. It belongs to a young senator who is staying/camping there. I peak around the corner and see a glimpse of the senator, and say “He’s so cute!” and feeling intimidated about approaching him. He’s tall and bearded, with dark hair and features. Not usually my type, haha. He’s wearing a plaid shirt. It’s red, brown and black, I think. I put the wallet in my pocket and go to look for him. He’s not in the kitchen anymore, so I go through and look into like a laundry/storage type area. It was darker and grungier. I remember a POV of looking down into something or a room. He’s not there. I remember thinking to myself that he must know me or I must have found his wallet before, and that’s why he has photos of me. I walk back into the living room area, and he is there, lying on the couch to my left. Under a blanket I believe. I see his face clearer now. He’s not familiar, and definitely more attractive than any senator I’ve ever seen. I think he has brown eyes as well. Anyway, I walk by him, perhaps saying hi or something, then walk away. I remember the wallet, and then go back and tell him what I’ve found. I give it to him, we make small talk I think, and then I guess I wake up.


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