Crossing Bridges

10-11 May 2012

I remember walking along on this sidewalk or something. On my left side there was some kind of wall, and possibly a sea or some really rough water behind the wall. To my right there were a bunch of bridges, like several I could choose from. They were all made from wood and rope. Under all the bridges there was incredibly rough, dangerous water. It was…moving like a storm. Pushing the bridges up and around and breaking planks from the bottom. On the other side of the bridges were corresponding apartments. It was a building of apartments, they all had a balcony. The building was made of red bricks. I know I have to get over the bridges, but I’m afraid, or I’m unsure. Suddenly I am in one of the apartments, and my dream self is trying to figure out how I got across the bridges. I’m talking to a girl I vaguely knew in high school (Kelly Gray), in a small carpeted room. We’re standing and she is showing or explaining something to me. We’re interrupted by someone. He’s young and obnoxious and sticks his butt out at us. He has no legitimate reason, he just wants to make a scene.


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