Party Like A Popstar.

13-14 May 2012

The first thing I remember is being on the sidewalk with Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson. The street was at  my right side. Amy was having a food fight with me, and she put something like ketchup on my head. I didn’t like it at first, but then I didn’t mind. She walked away facing me, smiling and pointing. I think we were next to a bus stop, with a little square alcove. Then I went inside, to a house on my left. It was small. The outside was a bit like the student houses in Hull. Inside was small, and rectangular. There was stuff, but it was a little messy and kind of random. Artistic though, I think there was a bright abstract painting. He was showing me something at the end of the room/rectangle, the painting I guess. Maybe some equipment or something in a container on a table to left, in the middle of the room. Mark was in there with me, I think he was wearing a white t-shirt. It was really late at night. I turned around, at some point there was a party. I remember that my German ex-boyfriend was there, and I think we were cuddling under a white sheet. Then this guy I went on one date with was there, and he was really drunk or rambunctious or something. He felt kind of embarrassed, because he was “ready to party”, but everyone was just chillin. I think he was wearing something ridiculous, like a toga or something. I offered him some wine, and went and got it for him at the end of the rectangle where I was with Mark. It was white wine in a Solo cup. He didn’t want it because he wanted to leave, so I decided to drink it. I helped him pack–he had acquired a long, sheet of white paper with a bunch of signatures on it, and was rolling stuff up inside. Something poked a hole in the “wrapping paper”, then he left.


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