I’m sorry I have racist dreams.

25th-26th August 2012

I remember being in something that was like an electronics store, or like a convention hall. It was night-time. A lot (the majority, really) of my dreams are set at night within the dream world. I didn’t like being in there. There were a lot of gothic people I think, or just people that made me uncomfortable. There was a girl I went to high school with (Hilary Hastings), she was dressed alternatively as well. Then I remember something about my old landlord JC Collins wanting me and someone else to fix a bike, or put it into a molded case for it. The bike folded in half. I remember wanted to do it properly, but the person who was supposed to help me was MIA. So I left as well. I remember leaving and going outside into the pitch black, with the feeling that it was a strange, odd, out-dated kind of place. I couldn’t see where I was walking exactly. I could tell I was walking on sand, but didn’t like it. I moved to the right, and found some grass to walk on. At least I think I was walking. I feel like I remember being really close to the grass. Maybe I was crawling because I couldn’t see properly. I remember turning around and looking at the place I just left. It was big and ornate, like the Taj Mahal, and I could see the big sandy walkway down the center, with the left side having grass and then trees, and the right side (remember I am facing it now) having grass and then some water or a pool or something. I turn around, and start walking or crawling again, still wondering where I am. I see a big, bright, shiny Burger King sign and I think to myself, “Okay, so this is a modern place.” I get closer and come to a street corner, and the sign was up on the second story of someone’s house. Some kid had stolen it and put it in his window. There are people passing by, and I turn to the right to go down the street. The street lights are illuminating. Now I’m trying to cross the street, and my friend Dannielle’s kids are with me. They run out into the street, to the other side, and down to the left where I can’t see them. I make it across the busy street (we’re near a traffic light), and go to left to find a bunch of alcoves and a lot of Muslim women wearing Burkas. I think all the Burkas were white. The kids were sleeping in an alcove, and suddenly we were all on a bus…a very crowded bus. The kids were sleeping and I could see them. I was like “Okay, this is cool.” The someone says the the bus isn’t going where we all thought it was, and it’s going to a hotel (the name of which I can’t remember, though someone said it specifically). There are Muslim men too, and they’re all wearing white as well. Then I realize we’ve been kidnapped and we’re going to be forced into sex slavery or prostitution or something. I get really angry, and the thought of kids being raped enrages me. I think I start yelling? Trying to compel people. The bus stops, at the back of the hotel. We’re not supposed to get off the bus here, but I open the doors and bolt out. I go up to someone in the kitchen and “demand” a phone. I call the police. All of the other women and men get off the bus, and I’m searching for a way to get out of the hotel and make sure no one sees me. I’ve been looking around for a while, and there are a lot of hotel staff and the people on the bus. It’s crowded. The women meet other prostitutes, and for some reason seem to be okay with this now. I think they like the hotel and see that they will have a comfortable life. I’m not sure what I did…



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