Purple Butterflies

30-31st August 2012

I remember being in my kitchen (at my grandparents’ place). I was naked, but wasn’t embarrassed. There was a guy with dark hair, he looked kind of like Will from “Will and Grace”. I asked him ( I think) to get me something to cover up with. He brings me a sheet,  I think it’s black. Instead of putting it on me, he puts it over himself and starts making funny faces through it. Then he says something funny and I laugh, and we hug each other. Our foreheads touch, there is affection between us. He has to leave, so we go to the back door, though the foyer/laundry room. It’s raining, but you can see the sun setting. It’s bright orange and very beautiful. Mixed with those long clouds that stretch across the sky. I offer him a purple umbrella that I got in Europe. I think he takes it. Then I go back inside (I think I’m clothed now…?). I go behind the washer and dryer in the laundry room, which are next to a window, and look out the window at something banging or making noise. It’s a purple butterfly. I’m crouching under the window so I can only see the bottom of it. It looks hollow and with a cheap paint job, like a toy one. I stand up and see it’s real and alive, and has huge vibrant purple wings. With black “eyes” I think. I told him he was ugly, but beautiful, or something like that…


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