Some sort of apocalypse…

I’m under a awning. It’s concrete. I’m with my friends kid, Savannah, I’m babysitting her. There is an emergency, some panic…a threat to civilization or something. There are firefighters spraying water over the awning, the water is dripping down, and Savannah runs away. I run through the water. I’m in a room, I think it’s an old, dirty bedroom, piled with clothing or blankets. I think Savannah is in there, but I can’t find her. Now I’m in Hurlock, on Main Street near the Corner Stone’s gray, there are people walking about. There is a feeling of destruction, mutation, ruin; yet also recovery. People are living in and exploring in this new post-apocalyptic world. I start walking down toward the corner with the big brick church. I turn to my left, and see the head of a girl. I walk over to her and realize she is/she morphs into something one-dimensional, like a piece of paper. She is normal, though, in personality. Like her deformity is no big deal.  I walk down to the corner, with the big brick church. I want to see what is down the next street, but my instinct is telling me not to go there. I get to the corner and start  to go down, but there is a man on the right side waving a stop sign yelling “NO, don’t come down here!”. I quickly turn around, stumble and fall onto the sidewalk. I see the curb clearly. I get up and walk away quickly, without looking back. I walk back up the same side of the street, and see someone, also deformed I think, like a zombie. He’s standing outside a white picket gate, and invites me to a ball or party. I look up and see people going in. The people are grayish, dressed formally. I’m interested, but decline. I’m suspicious of this guy outside of the fence.


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