Oh hay there

Hum, seems I’ve been away for a while. I’m really happy with my life. Everything is just so… great? Fantastic? Magnificent, even? I feel really great about myself as well. And I just fucking love living in Holland. It’s such a small country, all the big and interesting cities are really close together. Like an hour or so, and even […]

Taking Time

Finally I can update you! I love my blog, seriously. I love writing. It’s definitely my favorite thing to do. I got a great idea for a short story today as well! Stories and things other than poems intimidate me a tad. But I think starting with a “short” story is a good idea. I’m […]


  Whoever the new subscriber(s) to my blog are, thanks! Woo, it’s so exciting to have new followers! Hum, well there is (as always) a lot of stuff I could write about today, but I need to prep for it a bit. So I’ll just share some music/artists I found recently. Maybe you’ll like them […]

Lay It On Thick

God, I feel like I don’t know what to write. Weird. There are lots of noises around me now, it’s harder to concentrate. I’ll do my best! Hum. Well…. I was reading the notes I wrote, and discovered more interesting things. I wrote that I feel discontent with everything that is already familiar: television, things […]