Proust Questionnaire

I love “Inside the Actors Studio“. The questionnaire James Lipton uses is a derivation from a “confession album” belonging to a friend of Proust. Then Bernard Pivot adapted this (I don’t know if he used the entire questionnaire or just parts) for French television. So, I’m going to answer the Proust one and then perhaps the […]

Oh hay there

Hum, seems I’ve been away for a while. I’m really happy with my life. Everything is just so… great? Fantastic? Magnificent, even? I feel really great about myself as well. And I just fucking love living in Holland. It’s such a small country, all the big and interesting cities are really close together. Like an hour or so, and even […]

Taking Time

Finally I can update you! I love my blog, seriously. I love writing. It’s definitely my favorite thing to do. I got a great idea for a short story today as well! Stories and things other than poems intimidate me a tad. But I think starting with a “short” story is a good idea. I’m […]


  Whoever the new subscriber(s) to my blog are, thanks! Woo, it’s so exciting to have new followers! Hum, well there is (as always) a lot of stuff I could write about today, but I need to prep for it a bit. So I’ll just share some music/artists I found recently. Maybe you’ll like them […]

Lay It On Thick

God, I feel like I don’t know what to write. Weird. There are lots of noises around me now, it’s harder to concentrate. I’ll do my best! Hum. Well…. I was reading the notes I wrote, and discovered more interesting things. I wrote that I feel discontent with everything that is already familiar: television, things […]