Party Like A Popstar.

13-14 May 2012 The first thing I remember is being on the sidewalk with Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson. The street was at  my right side. Amy was having a food fight with me, and she put something like ketchup on my head. I didn’t like it at first, but then I didn’t mind. She […]

Crossing Bridges

10-11 May 2012 I remember walking along on this sidewalk or something. On my left side there was some kind of wall, and possibly a sea or some really rough water behind the wall. To my right there were a bunch of bridges, like several I could choose from. They were all made from wood […]

Oh hay there

Hum, seems I’ve been away for a while. I’m really happy with my life. Everything is just so… great? Fantastic? Magnificent, even? I feel really great about myself as well. And I just fucking love living in Holland. It’s such a small country, all the big and interesting cities are really close together. Like an hour or so, and even […]

Post-haste!: Noordzee

So I’m in Ostkapelle, Holland with my host family (I’m an au pair) for two weeks. We’ve been here since Saturday afternoon, and already I am so relaxed, refreshed and thoughtful. I suppose I’ll post something more insightful later, but it’s almost lunch time and I’m a hungry kid! Pics coming soon. Mobile internet here […]